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Don performs in several bands, and also solo guitar and singing shows. .
Please visit his Schedule Page for dates, times, and locations.


Rose & The Thorns

Brown Dog Band

The Lenny Solomon Band

On the following albums Don plays bass.

Wepecket Island Records

Bonnie & Hot Stuff

The Mill City Growlers

The Lenny Solomon Band

Mary Lorraine

Andy Newton

Terry Kitchen

Mike Higgins

Yani Batteau

Don Barry

Some people I have played music with over the years.

I have made music with many fine folks over the years. Because I've worked as the house bass player in a studio, and also in house bands, the list is longer than I thought. Many of the shows may have been one night, or recorded only song, my memory fades a bit. I try to keep a list....

Alec MacGilvery, Alex Smith, Ali Shumate, Allen Shervelle, Andru Bemis, Andy Cohen, Andy Hollinger, Andy Newton, Annie Bosco, Anthony Edwins, Ashley Dawn, Ashley Degratsia, Ben Cesare, Ben Rue, Billy Gibbs, Bob Henderson, Bonnie Delongchamp, Brandon LePere, Brent Harrison, Brianna Grace, Caroline Gray, Casey Derhak, Charlie Baum, Dale Robin Goodman, Dani Wheeler, Dawn Kenney, Deborah Anne Fisher, Dennis Gurgul, Ed Antonelli, Ed Miley, Elise Hayes, Elle Wine, Emily Hodges, Eric Egertson, Eric Kilburn, Flynn Cohen, Fred Civian, Gabby Patrice, Gabrielle Boyle, Gary Kemp, Glen Stewart, Haley Chic, Haley Chioccariello, Houston Bernard, Jack Radcliffe, Jason Bleau, Jason Gregory, Jay Taylor, Jenny Tolman, Jesse Terry, Jilly Martin, Jim Bennett, Jim Libby, Jim McGrath, Jimmy Connor, Jo Miller, Joe Azzolino, Joel Sklar, Jon Williams, Josh Garish, Joshua Dorr, Kacie Grenon, Kalie Shorr, Karen Sarkisian, Kathy Peterson, Keith Jacques, Kevin Barry, Kevin Herchen, Kiley Evans, Kristin Merlin, Lance Carpenter, Lauren Weintraub, Lenny Solomon, Liv Cawley, Logan Brill, Lonesome Dave Clark, Louis Leeman, Luther Johnson, Maria Breen, Mary Lorraine Traynor, Matt Cadarette, Michael Paolucci, Mike Crowley, Mike Higgins, Mill City Growlers, Morgan Miles, Native Run, New Viper Revue, Paige Davis, Paul (Red) Curren, Randy Burns, Rob Joyce, Rory Scott, Russ Mello, Ryan Brooks Kelly, Sam August, Sarah Kirkland, Sarah Ross, Sasha Stern, Shanna Jackman, Sherman Lee Dillon, Steve Ventura, Suzen Perry, Tali Freed , Terry Kitchen, Tim Charron, Tim Delongchamp, Timmy Brown, Toby Leith, Tom Caso, Tom Dixon, Vanessa Branson, Vintage Party, Wheeler Sisters, Yani Bataeu and ... others who I forget at the moment.

Dec 2020